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I’m UP

Have you had the moment in your job, your marriage, your family or perhaps some other situation where you realize that you are, shall we say “up.”
You are the next batter in your first big game and the team really needs a double right about now.
You are the resident surgeon on your first open heart surgery and while it is somewhat routine - the attending has told you he’s gonna layback and let you take the lead.
You are the oldest child and your parent has just died. Your siblings look …

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Support our Mission to Europe

As you may remember, last summer I was asked to go to Germany to minister at the European Catholic Youth Conference which was a conference for Catholic youth who live on U.S. military bases around Europe. It was an incredible weekend and opened my heart to military youth ministry.
These teens have been living all over the world for many years. Many of them not living in the same place for more than 2 years at a time. Many of them have one or more parent away on deployment. They need …

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Introducing “iGrace”

Announcing iGrace – daily messages for Lenten encouragement and inspiration:
Just in time for LENT - I’m excited to start a new service of LivingGracefully.net – It is a daily inspirational text message delivered right to your phone. The messages will be 160 characters long and contain a quick insight or prayer to help you continue focusing on Christ this Lent.
I am constantly praying for those of you who read this blog and praying for what words God would desire me to share with you. I’m excited to offer these prayers in the …

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Updates - What’s New…

So, 20.10 is already in full steam. We are 1/12th of the way through and I’m once again amazed at how fast life moves. I wanted to stop and give a few updates to you all about the site, about the ministry, and maybe a little about my own life. Hope you don’t mind the self-focus for a moment - but the blogging experts say that updates are important - so here we go.

Two new regular posts a week: In addition to my regular blog posts each week you may …

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Prayer Requests from Readers

Each week I post a note on Facebook asking for prayer intentions of our readers. I would ask that you consider taking these intentions to prayer and adding them to your list. Together let us seek the grace of God’s loving care for our needs.
Our first intention of course should be for those affected by the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti.

We of course pray for those who lost their lives, “Saints of God receive their souls, receive their souls and present them to God.”
We also pray for those who are trapped …